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Silky White Skin with new glutax 9gs

Glutathione, being a strong antioxidant with additional anti-melanogenic properties, has recently become the most popular “systemic skin lightening molecule.”Helps Whiten Skin – L-Glutathione or GSH capsules are known for their skin whitening benefits. Promote a lighter complexion while also improving skin health and enjoying potent anti-aging properties.


Silky White Skin with new glutax 9gs

DIRECTIONS – Intake Daily One Capsules After Breakfast or While Going to contains Vitamin C, Since Vitamin C Is Important For The Absorption Of Glutathione in the Body Which Promotes Collagen-Production And Improves Appearance Of Skin.
Progression of Result for Skin Whitening:
Average Brown: 1-2 Months. Misty Brown Skin: 2-4 Months. Little Dark Skin: 4-6 Month


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